Seeing the joy in data

Walr is a fast-growing quantitative data specialist, partnering with some of the world’s brightest businesses. They take the pain out of data collection, and make their client’s research more robust in the process.

Walr needed a brand that would set them apart from the stuffy, out-dated, corporate image typically associated with the industry.

Brand idea

Robust data is vital for research. But the data collection industry is in a sorry state of affairs. Slow, inflexible, impersonal, and sometimes inaccurate.

Walr is dedicated to helping researchers get the best data possible. And taking delight in getting the experience absolutely right. We coined this point of view in a simple idea — the joy of data.

Brand identity

The identity brings to life the joy of data by supercharging the world of data visualisation. Charts and graphs bursting with life create a Walr ‘dataverse’ that feels vibrant, expressive, and fun. The logo captures the idea in its simplest form: a bold W monogram that doubles up as an abstracted bar chart, jumping for joy.

Ownable language

Ownable language reinforces Walr’s unusual name to make messaging more memorable. Words ending in ‘er’, drop the ‘e’ creating a ready-made library of Walr words.

Delightful application

The brand comes to life in application. From marketing activity to business tools and swag, the world of Walr is bold, colourful, and full of joy.

Moments of joy

The brand finds moments of delight within the day-to-day, where simple interactions are an opportunity to reinforce the brand idea.

“MultiAdaptor were the perfect partner, understanding our business and exactly what we wanted to achieve, instantly.

They strike the perfect balance of inspirational boundary-pushing, with achievable reality. If you want to take your brand to the next level, I couldn’t recommend MA enough.”

Lewis Reeves, CEO

Thank you

Special thanks to Lewis, Emily, and Patrick at Walr for the joyful collaboration!