A new visual identity for a world-leader in AI

Established in 2010, DeepMind is one of the world’s most influential artificial intelligence companies. Bringing together a uniquely multi-disciplinary and diverse team, they are driven by the belief that AI has the potential to be one of humanity’s most useful inventions.

We partnered with DeepMind to help them better reflect who they are and what they stand for, through a new visual identity and redesigned website.

Inspired by science

Central to our design system, we created a collection of mathematically-inspired three-dimensional shapes that represent the diversity of roles and disciplines at DeepMind.

When shapes meet, imagery is revealed where they overlap to illustrate the scientific breakthroughs that result from the unexpected collaborations at DeepMind.


Two bespoke font families were created in collaboration with type foundry Colophon. The lead typeface, DM Serif, represents the rigour and integrity of their work. Whilst the supporting typeface, DM Sans, also used for the logotype, is more modern and accessible.


Working with photographer Ben Peter Catchpole, we captured the collaborative culture at DeepMind in an authentic, reportage style.

In addition, we collated a wider image library to show some of the areas where DeepMind’s work is having real-world impact.


The website was redesigned from the ground up to thoughtfully organise a vast array of content, making it accessible to everyone from top scientists, to press, and the general public.

A scalable icon library was created to help communicate the complex nature of DeepMind’s work, and effectively guide users around the site.

A flexible toolkit

The design system runs through every application, from reports and publications, through to social media and building signage.

Thank you

This project would not have been possible without the collaboration, guidance, and support from the project team at DeepMind, the Phantom team for the website build, and Colophon for the custom type.

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