Know how to succeed

AlbionVC provide visionary entrepreneurs the long-term capital and expert guidance they need to help their businesses scale, thrive, and endure.

Partnering with over 200 startups since 1996, with many going on to become global category leaders, their expertise is backed-up by deep experience and measurable results.

Joining the dots

Drawing on their wealth of experience, AlbionVC have the know how and resources to join the dots — between insight and opportunity; technology and target audience; moon shot and market fit — to enable founders to chart their own path to success.

It’s a compelling offer that meets the needs of ambitious entrepreneurs, who despite being able to access vast amounts of information about running a business, lack clarity on how to scale their companies to reach their full potential.

We captured this key point of difference in a single-minded brand idea: “know how to succeed”.




Clarity and expertise

The idea of joining the dots forms the basis of the identity’s design language. A clear connecting thread that runs through all visual aspects of the brand.

Designed to feel simple, sophisticated, and authoritative, the brand reflects the reasons why founders choose AlbionVC over other investment companies: clarity, experience, and expertise.


“MultiAdaptor’s commitment to both support and challenge us throughout the process pushed the boundaries of our thinking. As a result, our proposition was radically sharpened, and we now have a brand that powerfully connects with our target audience.”

Katya Pogudina, Head of Marketing

Thank you

Special thanks to Katya, Agnese, and Ed for the collaboration. And to Smithfield Studio for the website build.