Big ideas start here

Emerge is helping reinvent the way the world learns, by investing in visionary founders dedicated to creating the future of education and training.

Known as the ‘first cheque’ in edtech — and with the experience and expertise to maximise the impact of their investment — Emerge are committed to getting behind the biggest ideas, earlier than anyone else. Our single-minded brand idea, ‘Where big ideas start’, authentically reflects this, and creates an inspiring platform for the entire brand identity.

A digital-first brand

Emerge’s brand is designed to live in a digital-first world, across the platforms where their audience spend most of their time online. The brand meets and builds its community in the places and spaces where they already are: from podcasts to Medium articles and live online events.

Symbolising the start of something

The identity’s core graphic motif is a blinking cursor. A pulsing single line that signifies the start of something, and a sense of anticipation for what’s next. It’s a symbol that’s always active, inherently digital, and embodying ‘where big ideas start’.

Inspired by the angles of the cursor, a wider palette of shapes brings energy and dynamism to layouts, allowing the brand to flex and feel alive.


Modern gravitas

An electric but sophisticated colour palette, paired with a distinctive and modern serif typeface, creates an identity that has gravitas, but feels bold and contemporary. A nod to the world of education, but facing toward the future.

Brand imagery foregrounds the founders who make up the Emerge portfolio and community, elevating their profiles and shining a light on their ideas and achievements.

“MultiAdaptor delivered on all the core ingredients we had hoped for in a brand partner: strong creative, great process and an authentically invested and engaged team.”

Nic Newman, Partner

Thank you

Special thanks to Jan and Nic at Emerge for the collaboration, and to David, for helping to make the project possible.